What does Ayur mean?
Ayur is a Sanskrit term meaning “life” or “vital power.”

It is one part of the Sanskrit compound of terms that make up the word Ayurveda, which means “life knowledge.” Ayurveda medicine is a life-giving system of Indian traditional medicine and is often practiced alongside yoga for its natural healing properties.
Coming from Central Asia and having travelled a lot around the globe, I had an opportunity to live in India and learn Ayurveda.
My coaching takes into account this knowledge. 


Life coaching program for the BODY & MIND

based on psychology, energy healing,

relaxation & meditation

This coaching is based on the knowledge of Ayurveda and my own practical experience with Yoga and meditation. 

Inner wisdom and oriental practices – is the main idea behind this coaching. It is soft, spiritual, very intuitive and opens up your creativity and inner voice through self- awakening and understanding deeper basic human principles which the oriental world has shared with us for centuries. These principles are universal for all and they help us to live harmoniously in this world with each other in many ways.

It is a journey to your true self, to your subconscious mind, through conscious decisions and set up of the right goals. Practices and techniques used in this coaching are so simple, yet very effective and strongly working for everyone. They have been applied successfully already at many people from different countries of the world. 

You will get rid of your old patterns and illusive dreams, false fears and self-doubts. Together with me you will remove energy blocks and get insights how to awaken and use your personal power and strength, how to hear your inner voice and follow the wisdom. You will understand yourself more and find new, hidden talents and resources. You will learn how to use your power fully and more effectively. 

Overall you will see and feel that this coaching is improving your life, your state of mind almost instantly. Already after the first session you will see positive results and start noticing small “miracles” happening in your life. Once you have finished working with me, you will see how much your life has improved and how much you have achieved in a limited period of time. 

Speed and efficiency through slow motion is the main key to success. You will open up your mind, improve your life and learn how to feel good and harmonious. Your relationships with people become softer, you will feel stronger and more confident in yourself, but at the same time will feel more compassion, understanding and kindness to others.

You will learn how to stop procrastination and reach your most ambitious goals and dreams. You will be able to rely and trust your own emotions and feelings and not to depend on the opinion of others. 

I will teach you how to think positively in the most stressful and difficult situations of life. If you want to be happier and healthier, have a better life and reach new horizons, then this coaching is for you.


AYUR - Coaching 

5 weeks Life Coaching Program-5 sessions (55 min each)


One on One


Helping You Move Forward

Through this coaching I can help you to make your life better. Become more efficient and productive. 

You will learn how to stop procrastination and be able to reach ambitious goals in your life. Importantly, you will also start distinguishing between your own wishes and the desires of others. 

You will rely on your own emotions and feelings while at the same time start trusting more in other people. You will learn about your positive and negative believes and take more conscious decisions. I will help you how to think positively, feel stronger and be able to master also stressful and difficult situations in your life. 

Having been certified from the Coach Trainer Akademie Schweiz, I apply in my coaching the systemic model developed by the St. Galler Coaching Model (SCM), which understands coaching as an assistance for lasting development and expansion of human values and goals.

I work in three languages: English, Russian and German.


One-on-one Coaching

90 minutes full coaching (online, offline)


Couple therapy

Improve your relationships & 

communication skills

This session for couples 90 minute will improve your current state of relations and create more healthy environment for your partnership.


We analyze and look at the current problems in your couple. Already after one session you will start noticing positive changes happening in your life. The most important here is the desire to improve your relationship and create a more harmonious environment in your family.

By the time, you work on yourself and together with your partner, using techniques I give, you will see that your life will improve in all directions. We will do a lot of practical work and it will help you to see your problems from a different perspective.

Your relationship with your partner, or at work, communication with other people will improve gradually and your character will become softer though much stronger and confident.


You will feel more compassion and understanding, kindness and desire to improve not only your own life, but to help others to do the same thing.



Couple Therapy

90 minutes session for couples/small groups



Life Coaching 

This Online Program consists of 12 sessions, during 12 weeks, 55 min each session - we will focus with you on the vital issue of happiness.


Happiness is not something we can find in the outside world, it’s something we can and need to create inside ourselves. If you are not happy, not satisfied with your life, not content with yourself, you will never be able to make it for others. Happiness starts with you first.

I created a special course for you, with 12 sessions, practical work, new amazing tools to make your life happier and bring more joy and positive energy to your life. You will learn more about yourself during this course, you will ask yourself such questions as - what is the true meaning of happiness for me, what false believes and fears I have deep inside, what do I need to change in order to feel great and happy most of the times - Become a strong Happiness Life Coach for myself?!

Learn with me powerful tools and strategies to help yourself and your friends to find real happiness. I'm incredibly passionate about seeing people live a life that is full of purpose and also helping them - with my expertise - in maximizing their absolute potential.

My goal is to get my clients to hold themselves to a higher standard of life. I assist them in adopting new, empowering believes that enable them to break through their old limitations and I back all this up with specific skills and strategies necessary for life long success. The results – my clients become not only more confident, but competent. The immediate results in their lives are profound. 

“There is a power inside us that needs to be awakened. That power starts with the capability to make conscious decisions that shape our destiny” – Tony Robbins

Spread your love and happiness around. Be kind to yourself, think positively, dream wildly, laugh loudly and take the time to make your soul happy! Anonymous. 

Accreditations: Certified systemic coach (SCM) and NLP practitioner. Member of the International Association of Coaching Institutes (ICI)


Happiness coaching (12 sessions) 

12 weeks program on Happy Living


Image Consulting

​As a professional fashion designer, I also advise my clients on style and fashion. 

You can book your online Skype consultation or schedule a Shopping Tour with me in advance.

We analyse your current style, look at your wardrobe and create a brand-new outlook for you. It’s a creative process together.

I will create your own style, image and even fulfil your wildest wishes by trying out new ideas.


Be bold, be brave, be imaginative, life is fantastic when you feel and look great!

Image consulting - online, offline session.


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